Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to use Movie Maker 2.6 Tutorial.

Last time , i showed you how to use Windows Live movie maker which is the newest version.
But, as i said , there are people that prefer the old one because it has the timeline.

Now, i will show you how to use the old version of windows movie maker , but if you know how to use the new one , you will have an idea on how to use the old one.

So , when you open Windows movie maker 2.6, this window will show up :

Now, first , we are going to have to know how to import video or/and images and/or audio or music.

Now, first , you are going to have to look under the capture video :

Now, to import video , all you have to do is click on the import video button and then import what you want.

And the Same way for pictures and audio.

Now, when you import all you need , they will show up in your collection :

And when it shows up in the collection , you can drag it onto the timeline , and when audio is in your collection , you drag it onto the audio track:


And then you can play your whole project using the video player on the edge.

However, we are not done yet, we also have some accessories we can add to it, and these accessories show up under the Edit movie tab:

You can add video effects by click at the video effects button , and then it'll replace the collection with the video effects tab like this :

And then you can just drag some of these effects onto a clip in your timeline.

And then you have video transitions , when you click on video transitions , it'll replace the collection like the video effects .. and video transitions is like a cool effect  between two clips, and there are a number of transitions:

And when you are done with transitions ,  you can add text to your project , which can be title or credits. Title is for the beginning of the video and credits is for the end:

And when you click at it , you get this window, where they show you where to put the title , and you can add text on the selected clip.

And you can also make an auto movie where movie maker will do the editing for you.

And to export your project, you look under Finish Movie:

And when you are done editing , you can save it to your computer by clicking on save to my computer, and this will show up :

And when this shows up , remember to name your movie and keep on picking next until the exporting is finished and then you can preview your project by going to the place you save it and watching it in windows media player.

And that's all , you can learn about how to use windows live movie maker :

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