Monday, December 24, 2012

How to increase a audio pitch in Adobe Premiere Pro

A lot of people like to increase a video's audio pitch to increase it's humor.
Of course many people would like to increase the speed of the video (which I showed in my last blog post)
however, there is a more professional way in which the video will not be effected but only it's audio.

First, import any video or audio and drag it into the timeline:

Then go to your effects tab , go to the search and type in : pitchshifter
Then you will see two. Click the one under stereo and drag onto the audio part of the video in the timeline which is in the audio track:

Then it will show in the effects control in the audio effects part of the video and click on the arrow next to the pitchshifter and click on Individual Parameters , click on pitch and increase it to how much you want the pitch to be. And then click on the Formantpre... button and drag it until you got it to off.

That way you can get a nice pitched video that is funny for a nice group.
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  2. When searching for PitchShifter, I get nothing (I have Premiere Pro CC 2017), is it normal?

  3. After many researches (maybe about 20 sites and videos), I found the solution (it wasn't named "pitchshifter").

  4. Thank you for sharing this information, Its has help me to know more about 3d Surround Sound